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Trimmer Razor Electric for Body and Bald Shaving

Razor set

360 ° electric hair remover: electric shaver that adapts to every curve!

360 ° Electric Hair Remover is a remarkable, instant and painless hair remover that offers a smooth finish without the pain and irritation that comes from waxing. The perfect ergonomic design of the palm is shaped to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, and it doesn't have any notches, cuts, or irritations that you can get with normal shavers.


The device is very light and small. You can bring the device with you when you travel or stay at home. It is very portable and environmentally friendly.

Portable and affordable

The remover is very small and light. If you take a trip or travel on business, you can bring the remover with you. It is very cheap.


The remover has razor blades and can remove the hair 360 °. It is very practical and cheap.



The remover is removable and you can remove it and clean the razor blades. If the remover is used for a very long time, it can be cleaned.

Waterproof & wet or dry

This electric shaver is 100% waterproof. No matter whether you want to shave dry or refreshingly wet, this electric shaver meets all your requirements. You can choose a quick dry shave or a more comfortable wet shave with gel or foam, even in the shower, for a refreshing and smooth skin experience.


  • Waterproof design, can be cleaned directly in water
  • Shave wet or dry, can be used with shaving cream
  • 100v-240v voltage, battery design,
  • Charging (red led light) and working reminder (green led light)
  • Guide comb 3/5/7 mm
  • 5 hours charging time, normal working time 55 minutes
  • 100% original, new 100%, 100% real picture
  • USB charger design
  • Powerful rotary motor